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Delivery Options

Spectacular instant results, in-hand or online.

Instant Upload

With speed and reliability, we deliver. Into our footprint, image captured, and on to sharing, all under thirty seconds.

On-site Email and Social Media Sharing
Your guests can share their photos to all their social media accounts mere moments after they enter the space. Facebook, Twitter, you name it!

Add Data Capture and Survey
Our customizable data capture fields and survey questionnaires will help you get the right information from your guests. Opt-in!

Custom Branding
Our graphic designers can create beautiful branded overlays, and retrieval URL cards that highlight your brand and your key messages

Direct to your Social Network
We are able to instantly upload to your social media networks like Facebook and Instagram. A great tool for likes and instant impressions, we’ll help your event go viral!

Solution Features

  • Instant Sharing
  • Direct Upload to your Social Networks
  • Customizable Data Capture and Survey

Rapid Print

With speed and reliability, we deliver. Into our footprint, image captured, and print in hand, all under thirty seconds.

Instant 4x6 and 5x7 Printing
Our printers operate faster than your guests can pose! Spool two printers and you’ll feel like Lucy and Ethel at the candy factory!

High Quality Prints
Our dye sublimation printers produce stunning high resolution images in seconds. Fresh out of the printer they’re dry to the touch and ready to hand to guests.

Years of rock solid performance and extreme testing have proven that our printers are the best on the market. You can expect unparalleled reliability. We pride ourselves on using the most exceptional equipment available.

Solution Features

  • Incredibly Fast Printers
  • Rock Solid Reliability
  • High Quality Images

Email & Survey Collection

Solution Features

  • Complete Customization
  • Social Media
  • Password Protected
  • Gallery Sharing Options
  • Instant Upload

Custom Retrieval Websites

We strive for seamless integration with your brand identity. That is why we offer completely customizable web retrieval sites for all platforms.

Need that icon in powder blue? Done. With our in house graphic designers we can create something totally unique or something that adheres precisely to your existing brand. We can even easily integrate our retrieval technology into YOUR website.

Solution Features

  • Seamless integration
  • Complete customization

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