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Event Photography

Unique, dazzling images showcasing your event and attendees.

Event Documentation

Our professionally trained photographers have an eye for detail, and will capture the entire mood of your event from start to finish, highlighting important moments and keeping brand awareness in mind.

Using our wireless technology allows us to be untethered, free to roam your event, and capture the unique images that set your event apart. We also have the option to have any images instantly uploaded within seconds to a custom branded webpage for viewing or retrieval with our unique system.

Solution Features

  • Complete Photo and Video Coverage
  • Attention to Detail
  • Brand Promotion

Our Event Documentation Solution Pairs Great With

  • Custom Backdrops
  • Print On-site
  • Online Retrieval
  • Google analytics & Data Capture/Lead Generation
  • Custom Designed Overlays

Stationary Photo Setups

Bring attention with eye catching custom stationary photo setups.

Let us show off your brand, while creating a fun interactive environment for your guests to enjoy and receive memorable take aways from. We work with you on creating a perfect inviting environment suited to your brand needs and event theme while keeping it fun and light. We can create a custom backdrop, use our green screen system, or incorporate real life 3-d designs and props and content relating to your event. Enjoy the options of print onsite and online retrieval for guests to receive their images.

Solution Features

  • Custom Backdrops
  • Eye Catching Scene
  • Inviting Environment
  • Attendee Traffic
  • Increase Lead Potential
  • Fun & Interactive

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