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Event Solutions

We have the perfect customizable and scalable solution to fit your specific needs.

Experiential Sets, Backdrops, Green Screen

Today’s event attendee has come to expect immediate results. With speed and reliability, we deliver instant gratification. Enter our footprint, image captured, print in hand, all within thirty seconds.

We know what engages your event attendees, a unique enjoyable experience. We’ll create a footprint that is eye catching, visually striking, and begging to be experienced! We can even design and print a custom backdrop or incorporate interactive props into a custom set. Let your attendees get creative!

Tiny space? No problem! Our flexibility and wireless technology allows us to be untethered to a laptop or lights, making our smallest footprint the size of our photographer’s feet! Space isn’t an issue? Then let your imagination run wild! With endless possibilities for creating a one of a kind environment for your guests to enjoy.

Solution Features

  • Customizable screen sizes
  • High quality material and stands
  • Variable footprint size
  • Eye catching environment

Our Backdrops & Print On-Site Solutions Pair Great With

  • Online Retrieval
  • Data Capture/Analytics
  • Wireless Mobile System

Wireless Mobile System

Our proprietary mobile system is the latest wireless, portable, lightweight, high quality photo marketing solution. No more low quality built-in tablet cameras!

DSLR High Quality Images
No more low quality built-in iPad or Tablet cameras! Day or night, our images are of the highest quality.

Completely Wireless
Our easy to operate system is street team ready! Light and portable, use one photographer or couple with multiple brand ambassadors.

Custom Image Borders
You dream it, we create it. Automatically applied within the app. Quick, easy, reliable!

Drives Booth Traffic
Text, E-mail, and Handout retrieval strategies, that drive traffic to your space!

Custom Data Capture
Our method incentivizes data entry with a photo reward!

As little as one photographer with a DSLR, phone, and hotspot, or add up to three additional tablets! Fast capture means more interactions and increased leads.

Solution Features

  • Next Generation Technology
  • Professional Photography Equipment
  • Easily Scalable
  • Instant Gratification

Our Wireless Mobile System Pairs Great With

  • Analytics & Data Capture / Lead Generation
  • Online Retrieval
  • Custom Backdrops & Print On-Site

Video Production

From large scale projects to quick content marketing spots, we can handle your video production needs from concept to completion.

Concept / Script / Storyboard
We’ll help mold your ideas into a captivating story and give you a complete picture of how the final product will look, before we even start shooting.

Editing / Coloring
Our editors are experts at their craft, turning our striking images into exciting, captivating stories.

Motion Graphics
Adding depth, beauty and richness to our projects

Our animators create the quirks and nuances that give life to these stories. They also animate.

Solution Features

  • Latest industry cameras and technology
  • In-house graphics, animation, editing & more
  • Nationwide Availability

Custom Online Retrieval

Need your event to be the next viral sensation? Our unique online retrieval systems will have your content delivered quickly and effectively!

Instant upload, instant sharing, and data entry incorporated retrieval methods put our numerous solutions on the cutting edge of technology.

Gallery Style
Our affordable, entry level package. Custom design, unique vanity URLs, and built-in social media sharing functions

Unique Code Style
Great for huge numbers of attendees or for privacy concerns, each guest receives a code to their image only

In-App Style
Instantly share captured photos via SMS or E-mail while collecting data on the go with our DSLR mobile system

Booth Collection Style
Incentivize instant online photo retrieval in your event space with our retrieval App. Used in tandem with our DSLR mobile system, you can incorporate data collection into the retrieval process and drive traffic to your booth!

Solution Features

  • Easy User Interfaces
  • Mobile Friendly Sharing
  • Google and Social Media Analytics

Data Capture/Analytics

Describe, predict, and improve your business’s performance with our multi-faceted approach to analytics.


  • In-App: Capture data with our DSLR mobile solution before sending images direct to guests via MMS or E-mail
  • Booth Retrieval: Attendees are given a unique photo code to bring to our tablet retrieval stations, data is collected before image viewing and sharing
  • Online Gallery: Give attendees a retrieval card with a custom URL, guests are then prompted for data before entering gallery page


  • Customizable data collection fields. The information you need, collected in a simple exportable format.
  • Custom per-event client logins for data field download.
  • Per event client Google analytics login. View data live or review later with our seamless integration of the world’s best analytics.

Solution Features

  • Numerous capture methods
  • Client portal for easy data export
  • Google Analytics

Our Analytics & Data Capture Pairs Great With

  • Roaming Documentation
  • Wireless Mobile System
  • Backdrops & Print On-Site

Equipment/Technology Leasing

Need a long term, multiple city solution that’s affordable and easy to use? Look no further! We can send you equipment, train your people, and troubleshoot with remote access technology.

Contact us for details!

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