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Social Sharing

Be the next viral sensation.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & more

Post it, tag it, tweet it, send it. Share!

With images this good, your attendees will definitely want to show their friends. Generate likes, add friends, and get new followers with our social media integrations. We can even instantly upload directly to your brand’s Facebook page! Follow the impressions with our social media analytics!

Solution Features

  • Instant Upload Capability
  • Social Media Analytics

Instant Upload to Social

Share fast. On-site, online, or in your inbox.

Tired of waiting until the next day or later that evening? Get your branded images instantly with our technology. Seconds after your image is taken, it’s uploaded and ready for social media and sharing, bringing brand awareness to your event real time. Uploaded instantly to your custom built gallery page, or embedded page, containing all social media functions built within for easy sharing capabilities.

Solution Features

  • Instant Uploading
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Google Analytics and Data Tracking
  • Real Time Brand Promotion

Sharing Analytics

More impressions means a better return on investment.

See how your attendees are sharing their photos, where they’re sharing, and gauge the overall viral impact of your social media campaign with our integrated technology. Chart, graph, and analyze data with simple to use tools.

  • Easy to Use Technology
  • Integrated Social Media Sharing Buttons
  • Domain or Event Specific Analytics

Client Portal & Data Export

Charts, graphs, data galore!

With our easy to use client portal, you will have access to all the important metrics you’ll need to chart the success of your activation. With one click CSV export you can easily sort, chart, and upload captured data into your existing CRM systems.

Solution Features

  • Google Analytics
  • CSV Data Export
  • Easy User Interface

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